Code of Ethics
  • I fully realize and accept the responsibilities of being a Volunteer Firefighter and shall perform the duties assigned to me.
  • I shall respond promptly to all calls for which I am available.
  • I shall do my share of work required to maintain apparatus, equipment, and the fire houses.
  • I shall report to the fire house immediately after each call in order to help put apparatus and equipment in shape for the next call unless excused by the IC.
  • I shall refrain from using profane or immoral language while working at fires and in or around the firehouse or in view of the public.
  • I shall do my work at fires or drills in a quick and orderly manner.
  • I shall report for drills, meetings, and practice earnestly, and do my part in making our fire department an efficient, orderly fire fighting organization.
  • I shall be loyal to my officers and department and shall conduct myself at all times in a manner that is in keeping with the responsibilities of a firefighter.
  • I shall remember that I am in the eyes of the public both on and off duty and I shall conduct myself accordingly at all times. I shall not do anything to embarrass, degrade, belittle, demoralize, or give a negative image or impression to the North Vernon/Center Township Fire Department.
  • If at any time I feel that I cannot comply with the rules and regulations of the North Vernon/Center Township Fire Department I shall voluntarily resign.
  • I pledge to place honesty and integrity above all else and to promote the North Vernon/Center Township Fire Department.
  • I pledge that my position as a volunteer will not be used to grant special privileges to any person or group, and I will avoid all other conflicts of interest which may arise from my position as a volunteer.
Expected Conduct

Be courteous, respectful, and civil in contacts with the public; listen to and appropriately answer all inquiries. Promptly and politely give your name and department number when requested.

Develop a fair, impartial, and reasonable attitude and use a manner of speech that does not intentionally antagonize, insult, defame, or degrade any person, nationality or culture. Treat everyone with respect.

Do your job tasks in a businesslike manner, with your statements to the public free from personal opinion, bias, or editorial comment.

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